Monday, June 27, 2011

Before & After update

It's Monday! And to start the week off, I've updated the 'Before & After' tab on the 'ol blog. But before all five of you get excited, I should mention I was modest & only updated the living room before and afters, in addition to a couple of before photos of the hallway. And don't bother to ask about the wooden indian in the hallway. The previous owner was kind enough to leave some things behind, but that was not one of them. Insert sadness (and a little bit of sarcasm) here.

I've made the most updates to the living room in recent weeks & it feels just about done. Well, done enough until I get bored & want to make changes. Or until the husband protests what's in there now. Whichever comes first. So without further ado, a little sneak peek of the before...

And the after:

And should you think the furniture & decor in the before shot was our's...think again my friends. Funny how taste varies from person to person, huh? And with that, I'm thankful for the ability to see past the ugly...

Happy Monday!

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