Friday, June 24, 2011

Regularly scheduled posting

The weekend is here! Which is ironic, given that this past Monday I intended to post about our weekend adventures from...ahem...last week.

I've been taking a little break from blogging, house projects & DIY adventures in favor of enjoying the summer. I took a cue from Emily at Cupcakes & Cashmere, and have diligently put together a summer "to-do" list for the last two years. The months typically fly...which always leaves me wondering, well where the hell did that go?! And then it's back to the grind, a routine & regularly scheduled programming. My list helps to remind us to take more time to enjoy the garden, read a good book, or enjoy the sun & surf (although, if we're getting technical here there is no surf for we'll enjoy the lake instead!).

We knocked a few items off the list this past weekend. The husband was out of town for work that week, so I picked him up from the airport & away we went! Which makes me thankful the husband is so go-with-the-flow. Especially when there's food in the picture. In which case he'll do just about anything when asked. 

First up, a visit to Lloyd's for some fabulously fresh tacos...

Nothing says summer like food from a truck! Especially when it's this fresh & this good. I foresee us hunting down Lloyd & his truck a few more times this summer...

Oysters on the waterfront....

Gross to some (including myself a mere two years ago), but oh so good to me now. Especially when enjoyed by the water while watching boats. And then the husband gets a sunburn & the remainder of your afternoon has gone to pot (but not that pot).

Which necessitates a beverage on the patio...

Ahhhh, very good.

And with that I'm off to enjoy this weekend. Who knows what we'll get ourselves into this time around (perhaps nothing...which is always a good thing too), but I'll be sure to post in a more timely fashion vs. taking a trip down memory lane weeks later. Happy weekend-ing!

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