Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Raising the roof

So here's the thing. We've been busy & tired, and a whole lot of this was going on at our place last week...

That's right...we finally have a new roof! Gone are the days of major rainstorms that required us to go into action mode, reaching for the closest rubbermaid bin to keep those dining room leaks at bay. After awhile, I got really good at keeping that thing handy...which, that's when you know you have problems and need a new roof alright, already.

This definitely wasn't an inexpensive project, which is why it took us so long to bite the bullet. And it's definitely not the most glamourous update, but it sure got the neighbors talking. I'm not sure if they were envious of our new roof, or just sympathetic to my agony because of the mess. Which, this photo doesn't begin to accurately show the chaos that we dealt with for 2 straight days. The guys did a great job cleaning up, but it took an entire weekend of scrubbing the indoors (a full tear-off = a lot of dust), and a lot of picking around in the landscaping...where I'm still finding random pieces of roof, wood & an occasional nail here and there. I have a feeling this might go on for awhile...

And...I don't have any before & after shots (which, come to think of it, would be a good idea for say, insurance purposes or 'look how far we've come' photos). Next up? Lots of mulching, planting flowers, removing the front door, a front step install, painting, and all that other outdoor stuff that got pushed aside while we waited for the roofers to do their thing.

And oh yeah...finally sitting back & enjoying it all. Whenever that may be. I'll keep you posted when that actually happens...

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  1. Well, congratulations for your new roof! Roofing is not an easy task, but it's worth the effort when done properly 'cause it protects our entire home. I bet next time you'll have your before & after shots! Maybe you were too busy then, and you were overwhelmed by the roofing project. That's why you forgot to take shots.


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