Thursday, June 2, 2011


It's here already...the unofficial start to summer! I wore white jeans today. I'm not opposed to the idea of wearing them before Memorial Day or after Labor Day (gasp...I know!). I'm just happy to report that I wore them an entire day without so much as a stain, spot, or morning swipe against my dirty car.

The unofficial start to the summer means that we'll be spending more time outdoors--we're sprucing up the landscaping & garden, a new roof and front porch steps will be installed soon, and I'm happily using our new rain barrel. I can say it's taking significantly longer to water things, as I have to take multiple trips to the barrel to fill up. But I feel great knowing that we're conserving & saving on the water bill. That is until I saw the husband walk out of the bathroom, brushing his teeth, with the water still on this morning. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. We can't be environmentally friendly all the time!

While we are spending more time outdoors, that doesn't mean I've completely abandoned indoor projects...

I'll be back soon to share what I'm up to. Fabric & spray paint & lamps...oh my! I'm super excited with all the changes I'm making to the living room. Things are really coming along in there!

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