Friday, February 10, 2012

Bedroom sneaks


I'm back to share some sneaks of our master bedroom makeover process. I'm pretty much going to do things ass-backwards here, and show you what I've been working on so far. And then I'll turn around and show you the current state of our space (which wasn't so pleasant looking this morning when I thought to take pics...girlfriend's gotta clean up in there!).

Anyhoo, first things first! I had been debating about a duvet since oh, um....last fall. If you've been following me in my quest to find the perfect nightstands (more on that in a minute) then you're not surprised to know that finding the perfect duvet set was nothing short of a tall task. And then I saw this over at Centsational Girl....

Problem solved! Armed with a gift card, store credit & coupons, I headed over to Bed Bath & Beyond to purchase my goods (the set is Poetical by Barbara Barry). I haven't purchased anything duvet related in quite some time, so I was surprised to learn that pillow shams are a cool $50 each! I know Katie, welcome to the world where everyone already knows this. It's sort of like curtain panels that are sold in packages of one...don't they know we'll need two?! (and this is me stepping off my soapbox right now) Anyway, 1 thing accomplished, 116 more to go!

Benjamin Moore's Gettysburg Gray will be the wall color of choice...

I'm still on the hunt for fabric to add to the space, but so far I've come up with these...

I was originally thinking to incorporate blue into the space, but the yellow/gray fabric is really speaking to me now (although, it looks totally mismatched in this photo). I'm still very much on the hunt for other options, but these just happened to speak to me right now. Oh, and for anyone wondering, these are upholstery samples from Joann's...I don't recall the specific line right now, but when I do make final decisions, I'll be sure to add sources for everything I purchased. Okay, moving along!

We've already tackled the lighting situation on the walls....

I had the electrician switch out 3 of these when he was here working on the kitchen lighting. Two birds, one stone people! The lights are $29 a piece from Home Depot. Lowes has a similar fixture for almost double the price, so go me with my bargain hunting (yes Lowes, I just called you out. I love you, but sometimes you do me wrong!)! I never thought to take a before picture of what was happening in here, but to give you an idea of what we'd been looking at for the last four years, here's a shot of the awful, misplaced sconce in our hallway. See why we were in need of an update? Gross!

So, as you may or may not know, I've been on the hunt for theeeee perfect set of nightstands for quite some time now. There isn't a Goodwill, Amvets, Salvation Army, random cheap-o furniture outlet, or antique shop I don't visit. And I'm still batting zero. I suppose my requirements are a bit too specific--they must be less than $100 each, at least 28"-30" in height, and must be longer than the current 12" Pier One pedestal stands that currently serve as our bedside tables. I was originally thinking something more "dresser-like", and Christmas Tree Shops turned up this beauty...

...but they were too long for the space. So much for that idea! This 3-drawer chest fits the bill measurement-wise...

...but aside from the measurements being spot-on, I'm not entirely sure I'm in love with it. I asked the husband what he thought, and his reply was, "does it really matter what I think?". Ah, husband! That is what I love about him, he's always 100% on board when it comes to letting me make the design decisions around here. As long as I do him a favor and stay out of the kitchen. Seems like a decent compromise to me! If I decide to purchase these, they most definitely will be getting refinished. I'm still not sure what color they'll be though...which is maybe why I'm having such a difficult time pulling the trigger. I just can't envision what these would look like. The husband's response? "But the wood finish is so nice, you really shouldn't paint them". And then I kindly reminded him that these were $129 from Christmas Tree Shops....this wasn't wood we were talking about here! So for now, the hunt remains. I'll be out & about this weekend seeing if anything can top these.

So there you have it. Some plans for a master bedroom so far! I'll be back next week to share some progress. I think if I'm a little more forthcoming on the details, it will help keep me in check and ensure that this makeover is complete before 2017.

Happy weekend-ing!

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