Friday, February 3, 2012

I resolve...

While February was busy sneaking up on me, I was still thinking about January. What can I say, I'm a day late & a dollar short around here. But did I make nice on those resolutions? I'm happy to report that...

We're consistently eating cleaner
I'm flossing more than before
I'm fairly certain I've narrowed my choices for a new blog design
I've finally navigated Pinterest (check me out with my one pin...go me!)
I'm finally tackling that master bedroom makeover

Okay, so I'm lying...the flossing isn't going so well. But I felt the need to say it, in the off-chance that my dentist might happen to be reading this (although, if we're getting technical here 'flossing more than before' is actually true, considering it's something that I rarely did before). So eh, 4 out of 5 ain't too bad.  

The last time you joined me, I complained mentioned that I couldn't find a small console table for the real, real entryway to And then like magic, this appeared...

Okay, so it didn't magically appear. But the day I wrote my last post, I found this little gem for $35 at a local antique store. The piece itself was missing the back of the unit, which is why it was such a deal. But that didn't phase me since this is really more of a decorative piece. The doors stick, the inside is covered in awful contact paper, and the painted faux wood finish isn't so hot either. So to sum things up, this is definitely not what I'd envisioned for the space. But it works. Sometimes thinking outside the box isn't such a bad thing. Which is why going into a space with a well laid out plan isn't always the best idea. You never know when the unexpected will fit the bill!

Obviously I have plans to paint it. I was originally thinking that whatever found it's way into this space would be painted green, ala this great piece from Emily Clark...


But now I can't help but wonder if something this large would be like the big green elephant in the room. I'm all for adding an unexpected color to a space, but I may have to mull this one over.

And again, that's what we like to call deviating from the original plan, my friends. TGIF!

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