Friday, February 24, 2012

Master bedroom updates!

Okay, here we go...I'm back to share some master bedroom updates! I'm all out of wit and candor today, so instead you'll just be getting some crappy pictures & a bit of commentary on what's currently going on in there (besides the usual mess of clothes, books, etc...hey, at least the bed is made!). Mmmmm, kay? Here we go!

So two weekends ago I got down to business & painted. Painting a room is so exhausting to me, especially the prep work. Seriously, prep works makes me want to just live in the old and forget the new. It's more of an effort than the painting itself! But recently I taught myself how to cut in with a good brush, which pretty much eliminated the need for tape (and because I'm neat, I really didn't bother with a drop cloth either). I'm telling you people, a good brush makes all the difference in the world! I use an angled brush by Purdy (I'm not sure the dimensions, but I don't think that really's whatever you're comfortable holding). The paint was a low VOC & paint/primer in one from Benjamin Moore, which required only one (count 'em....ONE!) coat to cover that burnt orange/brown that was previously in there. From me to you...I thank you Benjamin Moore. Lazy painters of the world rejoice!

Yep, how's that for a set of crap-tastic photos! But you get the point, right? Anyhoo, because these pictures were snapped in haste, the the color is not true to what we're seeing in real life. It's definitely cooler with more blue undertones, but at different times of the day it looks brown. To say this color took some getting used to is the understatement of the century! When I started painting, I actually stopped to check the label as I wasn't so sure the lovely gal at Benjamin Moore had even mixed the correct color. Then I began to wonder if I even asked for the right color in the first place (if you're still curious...Benjamin Moore wins, Katie loses). So, zero points for me for being lazy and not bothering with a sample. Oh well. You live and you learn. I'm certainly not painting this room again. 

To make a long story even longer, I'm bothered by the fact (but slowly gettting used to it) that the comforter and the wall color are all wrong together. But apart, I feel the love. So since I'm not planning to repaint, or get a new comforter, we'll have to make it work, right? I ordered this fabric from Calico Corners last week. It's the ikat pattern I had in mind, it draws in the deep grays of the wall, and was on sale for $14.99/yard. Score!

I never shop at Calico Corners but did you know (that despite having bolts & bolts of fabric on the walls) you have to order your fabric anyway? I guess it's a new policy or something...or so I was told. But for 2 yards of this stuff (for throw pillows) I was a little miffed they couldn't make an exception for little 'ol me. BTW--it's a week later and still no sign of the UPS man with my fabric...just sayin' Calico Corners...

So there you have it! A little update as to what's going on in our master bedroom. If the weather ever gets a bit warmer & predictible around here, I'll be priming & painting the new nightstands which I'm super anxious to add to the space! When and if that ever happens before June, remains to be seen. But I'll be updating you all along the way!


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