Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Because custom blinds are too expensive...

...we're going the fabric route. I picked up 2.5 yards of this Amy Butler fabric (a.k.a. what was left on the bolt!) for the kitchen windows. For $27, it's a far cry from the $306 I was quoted for custom blinds. And that's $306 per window. Did I mention we have three of them? Ouch!

The green in the fabric is a bit more vibrant than our wall color, but I'm not super concerned with being so matchy-matchy. Especially given that there's so much white in the kitchen, not to mention I'm in love with this fabric. Incidentally, it would look great in our bathroom too...but let's not get too carried away here. I mean, there was only 2.5 yards of this stuff to be had...

My original plan was to throw something together half-hazzardly. I believe when I mentioned a "no sew" option to my mother, her exact words were "why don't you let me sew them for you". It helps to have talented folks in the family, no?

Pictures to come soon! 

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