Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring fling

It's rainy, and cold, and anything but spring around here. Which is probably why I'm in need of a little inspiration these days...

I'll admit...I've recently fallen out of love with Pottery Barn, but this is some good stuff! I'm loving the fabric inspiration boards. Although, if these particular pin boards are anything like the 'ol useless corkboard (from the scrap room), then I highly doubt they're holding all that fabric...let alone much of anything.

Oh, West I love thee! For starters, there are no words for the bird melamine plates. Other than to say that at $20 (for 4 plates) these might be making an appearance in our home sometime soon. And the owl measuring cups (that I'm sure I wouldn't use as measuring cups)? Yes, please! The Modernist bowls are something to write home about too...specifically our home (for anyone who didn't catch my drift)?!

And when all else fails, a little Essie polish (in e-nuf is e-nuf!) should do the trick!

Don't keep me waiting spring!

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  1. Hi neighbor...Buffalo is pretty close to Syracuse in blogland and my son is at UB so it feels very close! Thank you for commenting on my post. She is inspirational isn't she? My favorite thing I found on your blog (so far) are the little framed birds in your before & after post. Adorable! I'm your newest follower.


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