Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Light bright

Our kitchen is still a work in progress. I'm sure many of you are wondering where the "after" photos are, but truth be told it's not quite ready to be photographed yet. The kitchen is "done" (so to speak) and very much usable. But there are still window treatments to be created, an island to be purchased, art to be hung, accessories to be added & light fixtures to be installed. Oh yeah, and then there are the floors which need to be replaced--they've currently taken a backseat because of the recent furnace install (oh happy day!). Call it getting technical, but I like everything to be in it's place before the "after" shots are taken.

So in the meantime, I give to you my current lighting inspiration....

Me oh My
Made by Girl

Honey We're Home

Centsational Girl
 Amen for blogs! Aren't they the greatest source of inspiration? Seriously, I'm in l-u-v with light fixture numero uno. It's beautiful, glam, totally unexpected (talk about a conversation piece!)...and I'm fairly certain the husband wouldn't go for it one bit. I'm also not sure I could find a similar fixture on such a fixed budget (or maybe I could & I'm just too lazy to look for it). Ah well, a girl can dream right?

I ran the idea of the french country fixture (in the last photo) by the husband. But we both agreed that while we liked it, it certainly wasn't our first choice (can you believe that was once a F-R-E-E brass fixture?!). But think about how easy this would be to duplicate! Or maybe I'm just excited because it means I get to whip out the 'ol can of spray paint...

I'm also digging these Jonathan Adler pendants...

image courtesy of Lamps Plus
But at $250 a pendant (only slightly cheaper for $229 at Lamps Plus), it's definitely not in the budget. Especially when we'd need 3 of these babies...

So then I asked the husband what he really wanted (it's all about compromise, right?). He then proceeded to describe a wagon wheel-like light fixture, followed by an imaginary drawing with his finger. I'm not sure what's more ridiculous...that he traced an imaginary wagon wheel light fixture on our coffee table, or the fact that I totally got what he was talking about.

So wish me luck my friends! I'm off to find a wagon wheel-like light fixture for our kitchen! I'd show you an inspiration picture, but the best I have is an imaginary traced picture...on our coffee table.

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