Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kitchen window treatments

Okay, so I was wrong. Chantal is out, Emily won...and Brad Womack will be checking into the Heartbreak Hotel in a matter of months. But guess what? I have kitchen window treatments! So let's move on & discuss that, shall we?

So here's a refresher of what we started out with...

...the fabric I thought was Amy Butler fabric. Turns out it's not. Darn, I wish I knew who made this. Oh well, it's fabulous & I love it.

So with the help of my crafty mom, we now have new kitchen window treatments!

This isn't what I originally envisioned for the space...but when it came down to it, I realized I didn't have a clue what I actually wanted! My only request was that whatever we created had to be minimal. The goal was to preserve what little natural light we get in the kitchen (one of the drawbacks to living so close to your neighbors...quite literally...our driveway is what separates us). We played around, created some pleats & curtains!

Now that they're up, they are definitely more blue than I'd originally thought. But I love that. I don't think the husband quite gets the contrast, but my plan is to bring some blue elements into the kitchen at some point (I'm loving the combination of blue & green these days...which may have been the reason I was drawn to this fabric in the first place!). In the meantime, it's just nice to have something up there...a window treatment certainly helps bring a room together!

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