Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easy art

We'd been staring at a blank wall in the kitchen for awhile now (the wall where the fridge formerly lived, to be exact). I suppose a blank wall is better than an oddly placed appliance. But it was time to bring in some art!

I purchased some inexpensive white frames from Christmas Tree Shops (the world of random wonder!), for about $1.29-$3.99. The husband & I were at odds as to what we wanted in them...I leaned towards fun kitchen art from Etsy. The husband favored more traditional kitchen art that wasn't "so girly". Well, okay then. Needless to say, the frames sat empty for some time until last weekend's jaunt to Ikea. A package of 5x7 food photography was the one thing we finally agreed upon! So in our cart it went.

When it comes to gallery walls, I tend to favor the 'throw it together without a plan' look. But in this case, I went for an actual plan of attack & came up with this...

Impressive layout, huh? It's amazing what a Crate & Barrel catalog and tape can do for your walls! Needless to say, I was not impressed with what was happening here. So I decided to just start hanging & figuring it out as I went, and the result was this...

Not bad! Even more impressive is the fact that the husband loves it too. Now if that isn't an accomplishment, I don't know what is! The food photography was the happy medium that allowed me to throw in a few "girly" accents--like some leftover fabric from the window treatments & a greeting card I had hanging around.

...and naturally, a "K" made it into the mix. I mean, what did you expect?!

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