Monday, March 14, 2011

Risin' Up!

I'm back! I took a little blogging break, including reading all my favorite blogs. That list grows everyday...I have a lot of catching up to do!

In the meantime, I tackled a couple of to-do's around here. On a typical day, the list is fairly long. But I'm happy to report that I'm finally getting a chance to get to all those little things that usually make a to-do list quite lengthy! So I shifted my focus back to Project Hallway. Back when I revealed the finished space, I knew I wanted to tweak a few things when I had some free time. So this weekend, I painted the staircase risers!

Here's what we started out with...

Meh. They're plain, boring stairs that were never refinished when we tackled the rest of the floors shortly before moving in. They're in decent condition & the slightly darker stain is right up my alley. But needed something more. After a coat of primer & 2 coats of paint (Dover White by Sherwin Williams, which is the color of all of our trim--one of the more helpful pieces of information the previous owner gave us!), I peeled away the painters tape to reveal what I thought would be a perfect finished product. Not so much...

Folks, this is what happens when you're impatient & don't take the time to sand. Let that be a lesson to all! So with my steady hand & a mini paint brush, I touched up all the areas that peeled away with the tape.

And ta-da...the finished product!

I'd been wanting to do this for some time & I'm quite happy with the results! I'm usually pretty hesitant when whipping out the 'ol paint & brush (I know, I know it's just paint...apparently I have major anxiety when it comes to minor changes like this), but I had absolutely no doubts when I tackled this project. It really brightens up the entryway, no?

And with that I'm off to admire my work & watch The Bachelor finale. All bets are on Chantal at this point. Time to find out!

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