Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Change of seasons

I swear. I had great intentions of a Tuesday Tour this week. For real! But when you're sick (our medicine cabinet boasts more cold meds than a Walgreens), taking photos of your home is one of the last things on one's to-do list. Some things have fallen by the wayside in these would certainly take a lot of city dwellin' effort to get this abode into a photo ready state!

I consider myself a lucky gal to live in a place that boasts 4 seasons. I can't say that I love our cold winters (especially come mid-January), but I can say--with much gusto!--that fall is one of my favorite seasons! There's nothing like a crisp-ness in the air, changing leaves, the scent of apple & spice candles in the house, a great scarf, and of course a good seasonal throw pillow to put you in a great fall mood!

So with a few simple changes, our house is finally decked out for fall! I'm not a huge halloween fan (gasp--I know!), so most of our seasonal decor serves its purpose all the way to Thanksgiving. And that's music to my '$9.99 wicker pumpkin from Target' ears!  

One of the most noticeable changes I made to the living room was a change in mantle decor. Rustic branches & orange berries, spice candles from Pier 1, and a Target pumpkin, were some of the simple additions that helped create the perfect fall feel in our living room.

I also changed up some existing framed engagement photos that hang near the mantle. By adding some fall colored scrapbooking paper (to replace the spring-like fabric that currently occupied two of the frames), it was an instant change that cost zero dollars (thanks to some paper I had in my stash!).

I also added some fall touches to the furniture by way of a quilt my mom made us for our wedding (coincidentally our wedding was in the spring, but the quilt boasts fall colors--thanks mom!) and some throw pillows from HomeGoods and Pottery Barn.

The dining room table also received some fall touches--$4 worth of gords & pumpkins from the farmer's market and existing decorative wicker balls from Pier 1 (that were the husband's from his bachelor pad days...he was the sole contributor of decor in his last place--a man after my own heart!). The runner is another quilt from my mom, and the large silver bowl is a $28 sale item from HomeGoods that I snagged from several nearby stalking women. HomeGoods shopping rule of thumb: snag first, decide later. 

And while I'm not a huge Halloween fan (again...I know, I know!) I did add a few items for the upcoming holiday.

It should be noted that when the $9 HomeGoods glittery skull was brought down from the attic, the husband asked what glittery skulls had to do with fall. As you can see, he's obviously not a Halloween fan either. Eh, consider us in the minority, right?

Happy fall decorating everyone!

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