Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday inspiration

Happy Friday! We have a busy weekend ahead, which includes some fun stuff--a trip to the pumpkin farm, a visit with our friends' new twins & a season opener hockey game. The weekend also includes some not fun stuff--as in a day long event to watch a certain football team lose their 4th game of the season (did I mention Sunday will be their actual 4th game of the season? Yeah, it's that bad.).

Want to see something that's not bad? This amazing house tour:


photos courtesy of Young House Love

Awesome. Amazing. I'm loving this house. Lots of DIY projects going on here, which makes their space even more inspiring. The owners of this amazing place are the duo behind Landon Jacob Productions. I'm also a lover of all things photography, so this is a win-win discovery! 

Happy weekend-ing all!

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