Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm dreaming of a white christmas...

Well, now that I've succesfully got that song in your head (mine included), I should probably make two disclaimers:

1) I'm not interested in rushing the season. Afterall, we still haven't celebrated my all-time favorite holiday (insert sarcasm here), Halloween!

2) I'm also not interested in anything white right now. I'm loving this current sunny, 60 degree day! From the comforts of my desk. But whatever. We'll take the warm weather for as long as we can around these parts! Even if it means I'm stuck indoors all day...

I do, however, have the holidays on the brain! It's hard not to be dreaming of a white christmas with greetings like these:

photos courtesy of Tiny Prints

Oh my gosh, can you SO picture the husband hoisting me into his loving arms, ala the first card?!

I'm also loving these gallery greetings:

photo courtesy of Tiny Prints
 Although, I'm pretty sure no one would want tri-fold gallery shots of me and the husband (into ourselves much?). But how cu-ute would these be for family photos?

And for all of you smarty pants who regularly receive a christmas card from us, don't go fooling yourself into believing that one of these made the cut. As if you'd get a sneak peak of our 2010 card! Actually, I'm still debating and deciding, and debating some more. I'm coocoo for cocoa puffs when it comes to anything stationary related, so this won't be an easy decision!

Happy holidays Wednesday!

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  1. I think your card should be a picture of you carrying talk about original! Anything else and I might throw up from cuteness overload. Unless it's a picture of Tom high kicking...that would be another classic!


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