Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good stuff

These lovelies came home with me this weekend:

I'd been searching for some big, gawdy gold frames for quite some time now, with a little inspiration in mind:

photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy
We took a weekend trip with friends to my in-law's cabin, which is where I scored these babies. The town is a stretch of antique shops, most with great deals. My endless trips to the Goodwill & Salvation Army were in vain...finding these was almost too easy! $70 later and all these frames had found a new home. And I got a wood-themed deer canvas to boot! I almost feel a twinge of guilt ridding myself of this gem, as there was a personal inscription & story on the back of the picture. But then I realized we're not going for the wood-themed deer look in our home...so now I don't feel so bad.

In other good stuff, I started working on this for the hallway:

I'm back and forth, and back and forth again trying to decide what color this table will end up. I thinking black. For now anyway. But the primer has given me an idea of what it would look like white. So is white a better option? Or would it be too matchy-matchy with the new white mirror that will hang above? Or maybe black would tie in better with the new frames (that will soon be black also)? Decisions, decisions! Honestly, marrying the husband was a no-brainer. It's the simple things in life--like painting a table--that I can agonize over for months. Hello, indecisive city!

I also discovered these awesome, DIY chevron curtains that I think would look great in the hallway:

photo courtesy of Kristen Davis Designs
The tutorial seems easy enough (well, in theory anyway), but I suppose I need to decide how much of the lone hallway window I should actually cover. It brings very little light into the space to begin with. So I think a window treatment of any kind will have to wait until the space is pulled together. And by that point, I'll very likely change my mind...

And with that, I'm off to make a decision of some nature. I'm hoping to bring Tuesday Tours back soon! The husband wants his man's den to be featured one week. But that would require him to actually tidy it up. Afterall, we wouldn't want anyone thinking we live anything less than a perfect, pristine life, right?!

Happy Tuesday all!


  1. Katie-I'm such a Salvation Army/ Goodwill/ Garage Sale/ Antique Shop shopper too. I have so many projects and no time to finish! We were cleaning our garage last week and I kept telling Chaz, "just take the hooks off that or the doors off of that, we can use them for something with some paint or maybe add some corkboard...and ooh this looks like a nice piece of wood for something!" I never knew we could share such salvaging turned awesome finds stories!

  2. You should add the picture of the frames to the before and after.


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