Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekend crafting

It's a gloomy fall weekend & I'm still under the weather, but that didn't stop me from doing a little crafting today. Scrapbooking room be idle & cute no more!

Armed with a large supply of buttons, florist wire & floral stem wrap tape, I set out to create some simple button flowers.

The first step was looping the floral wire through the button holes. You can use one or two buttons, but in this case I chose to use two contrasting colored buttons. (divert your eyes from my un-manicured nails--yikes!)

Using my index finger, I securely held the buttons together and twisted the wire until the buttons were tight & secure (creating a wire "stem"). In this case, I used the scientific method known as, "if the buttons don't rattle or move, proceed to the next step". Pretty simple method, huh?

The next step was wrapping the wire with floral tape. I'd never used floral tape before, so I was surprised to find it wasn't tape-like at all (eventually it adhered itself to the wire the more I wrapped and pressed)! I folded up the ends of the wire and wrapped the tape around the ends, careful not to leave any jagged wires hanging out. There's no need for anyone to get injured by my cute, new button flowers!

And the finished product...

In the end, each flower took less than 5 minutes to make. Easy, fun crafting for a fall afternoon!

Happy weekend-ing all! 

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