Thursday, October 28, 2010

Give thanks

With Thanksgiving several weeks away, my head is in a bit of a spin thinking of all the lovely table arrangements & centerpieces to adorn our dining space. What's that you say? I've forgotten about the festive upcoming "holiday" known as Halloween? Well, there's a good reason I'm mentally skipping over this celebratory weekend. If you saw the wig that I'll be wearing with my 'I thought it was super creative, turns out it's not' costume, then you'd understand why. But moving along...

Did you know that this will be our first year hosting Thanksgiving? Why yes, yes it is. You see, the husband nominated us (ie. the folks who are starting a kitchen demo in t-minus 11 days) to host this little gathering. I can't begin to stress or occupy my thoughts with "what if our guests consume drywall dust with their mashed pototoes?" or "what if we have to resort to pilgrim methods of cooking the turkey because our stove is not operational?" (minor detail). It's onward and upward. It's best to keep my focus on what I do best--design a tablescape!

How creative is this kids set-up (that I'm tempted to use as a grown-up's whimsy & fun, right?):

And since our guests will need to take their leftover goodies to-go, how cute are these:

Although, I'm going to assume for the moment that these are totally non-functional & in reality I'll be sending our guests home with goodies in Glad containers. Sigh...

And how fun are these personalized table markers:

photos courtesy of Country Living Magazine
Can you imagine a miniature version of yourself on a plate? Hey look, you're as big as a pear!

So here's hoping our first run at hosting Thanksgiving goes off without a hitch! Or at the very least, without a side order of spackle...


  1. I'm so glad you're already thinking about leftovers!! And also, someone tried to get me to dress up for Halloween tomorrow and I about flipped my lid. I hate Halloween!

  2. Hello blog readers...Husband here. I can tell you with some certainty that we WILL NOT be featuring a brown paper bag for our tablecloth using black Sharpie marker for place settings when we are serving the food on our new China set as opposed to a Fisher Price play set. As for the miniture pictures of our guests cut out and taped to a piece of fruit...creepy.

  3. The incredible shrinking woman... One of my fav's. Just be sure you don't put any guests down-the garbage disposal and run it... Ouch. Gobble gobble


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