Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today's show...

...is brought to you by the letter "K", the number "2", and the word DEAD.

You see, I have a thing for letter "K". Which stands for my first name, Katie. And then I acquired a husband with the same last initial, which made my collection of K's all the more special. If that isn't fate, I don't know what is!

Remember this gem? It was a $7 kelly green "K" from HomeGoods. Less than an hour post-purchase & a meeting with some white spray...presto change-o! A more sleek looking initial to adorn our mantel!

But it didn't end there. A trip to HomeGoods last week turned up another "K". The same exact one (for those of you who are curious). And the next thing I knew it was making it's way home with me. Days later it received a shiny new coat of yellow spray paint, and the result was this:

When the husband saw it drying on the patio he proclaimed, "you're painting our "K" again?". I should have known better. I should have just left it at that. But you see, I'm a horrible liar. And eventually he would notice that there was more than one of these scattered about our home. So I caved & told him. Followed by several exclamations, "but it's yellow!", "it will be a great compliment to the new hallway!", "we need more reminders of our last name!". Okay, so I didn't actually say the last one. But the other two excuses are excitable reasons to love the latest purchase, no?

And I kid you not, several days later I found another "K" (the same one again!) at HomeGoods & stopped to touch it. I don't know what's worse. The fact that I spend too much time at HomeGoods, or that I was actually considering buying it. If I wasn't DEAD after this last purchase, this one would have surely sent me to the grave. Thank goodness I resisted!

For now the plan is to incorporate it into the hallway project. And I will tell you it's a total coincidence that my intended color scheme matches the new blog design. Total coincidence. But stay tuned...we're only days into "project hallway" and I could change my mind at any given moment...

More photos to come soon!


  1. totally thought this...just before I read this..."And I will tell you it's a total coincidence that my intended color scheme matches the new blog design."

    love the colors together and the letter 'K' too

  2. Katie! I love your blooooooog! And I'm on the edge of my seat regarding the hallway makeover. I need you to come and makeover my entire house!!!!!!!!!


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