Thursday, October 14, 2010

Up & running!

We're up and running! City Dwellin' has successfully made it's debut from blah to ahhhh! What do you think?

Of course, I can't take credit for this upgrade. I have the talented Erin Bradley of Erin Bradley Designs to thank for this little makeover. Erin was so lovely in her e-mails and attached simple step-by-step instructions (perfect for this blogger newbie!) to get the new look up & running in a matter of 15 minutes. No cursing, sweating, or husband assistance necessary!

Because of this little upgrade, I was able to add more links to my sidebar. Most importantly I've added a follower section. So don't be shy, I like to know who's reading! I've obviously gained someone new as my list of three followers has grown to four. Apparently, this blog thing is catching on with the masses! I've also made some changes to the commenting format, as some folks had mentioned they weren't able to tell me how cute my house is, how witty I am, or how much they love the new area rug. So fire away...I love comments too!

I mentioned awhile back that I would be adding more blogs to my list of daily reads. So imagine my excitement when I recently happened upon Three Men and a Lady (which will be added to my daily reads ASAP)! I'm absolutely smitten with this master bedroom:

photo courtesy of Three Men and a Lady

There are so many things I'm loving about this space (most definitely the wall color) which is giving me lots of inspiration for a future bedroom makeover at some point. I'm wondering if this color scheme would work with this duvet that I've had my eye on for awhile now?

photo courtesy of West Elm

Which, now that I look at both photos, these two things don't go together at all. But trust me, they're both charcoal and gray and it would work, so whatever. Just go with it.

And yes, husband, a future bedroom makeover is in the some point. I've added you to the sign-up sheet. Your name is under the task of "paint walls". Like I said before, it's best if you just go with it. Thanks a bunch! 


  1. Ooooooo, I LOVE the new template! Very sheek! Gotta love yellow and gray!

  2. thank you, thank you, thank you. love the new "digs". my 3am awakenings will be so much more worth it now...not that feeding the baby is not worth it (i guess that is important too)but i truly look forward to each new day of your blog.


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