Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Design words of wisdom

I found this post from interior designer, Julie Pierce of Chapman Interiors to be of interest. It's a reminder that design doesn't have to be so boring & beige! I think most people could learn from included! In fact, it makes me want to toss our old beige couch & chair out the window (the same exact window it was hoisted into, thank you very much). A link to the post & Chapman Interiors blog can be found here.

Read on for Julie's words of wisdom...

The secret to Interior Design.

Pick what you like.

It sounds too easy and silly and obvious, but I hear all too often "I'd like a neutral blah-blah so it can be changed easily". We intend to pick what we like, but then faced with a decision it's easy to go into "ohmygoshIcan'tdecidesoI'mpickingbeige" panic mode (that's not to say neutrals are always boring, just picking them only because they are safe is boring). I have spent countless hours looking and researching and wading though the interwebs and I've come to a conclusion (based on the insane range of designers and styles) that it really just boils down to choosing a piece of furniture that's fun and unique and YOU. (And not in a soft pebble beige that's easy with the kids and dog). As it turns out, blue velvet is easy on the dog and kids too, but it also comes with HEAPS of personality!

It's that easy. Pick what you love. Don't worry about matching (this especially, matching is overrated by a 100452267 points), don't fret about things clashing, it's likely that you are drawn to similar styles and shapes, so there's a good chance that once things get into your space they'll all meld together to create something that is uniquely yours (and not available in the most recent Fall's catalog).

There is no secret to design other than go with your gut, choose things you love instead of things that are safe. Your space will be filled things that make you happy. Collect over time, no truly successful design happens in one design review. Design with confidence, try not to let it stress you out, pick with your heart, and then linger in your confident choices..

Miles Redd's very confident apartment, and while it's not for everyone, it's certainly for him, which is just right.


I especially love the concept of picking what you love. Because ultimately, that leads to a space that's unique, tells a story & makes you happy! And who doesn't love to come home to a happy home at the end of the day?

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