Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jump start on the new year...

Remember that gallery wall you were promising to get to in the new year? The one that Nate talked about & then we were all going to run out and develop our photos & become really diligent about making that display we've always wanted? Or maybe that was just me...

Okay, so I still have pics on my camera from all those summer weddings & events we attended. But my gallery wall is intact! Actually, it's been in existence for the better part of a year, but I never got around to sharing a photo.

I can tell you there was zero method to my madness when putting this together. The large "K" in the center is a John & Sherry original (alas, it's no longer for sale). I basically used that as my focus and built from there. No measuring, no practice layout on the floor or bed--I just started hanging things half-hazzardly & was impressed how effortless the whole process was (which is huge for me, given the agony of my indecisiveness).

The layout is easy to add to at any time, while interchanging can be a bit more difficult. Although, I recently switched out a larger photo for the antique gold mirror & lowercase "K" (thank you Karen!) and they fit perfectly. But that's the beauty of a gallery wall--it doesn't have to be perfect. It just is what it is. A collection of photos & memories fit for that empty wall.

I'm not quite sure what I'll do when we run out of space on the wall. But I suppose that isn't cause for concern at this very moment, considering I have about a million photos just sitting on my camera. Time to get developing!

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  1. You are welcome. The wall looks great and the k is perfect with the scale of the inspired me to hang a ton of photos of the boys today and the hallway walls are filling up fast. Happy new year.


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