Thursday, December 9, 2010

The night before Christmas

On the eve of our (supposed) counter installation, I'm reminded of a few things:

1. I'm annoyed. Annoyed that this appointment had to be rescheduled in the first place. Annoyed that the snow arrived (which caused the rescheduling). And most importantly, I'm annoyed that our sparkly, modern christmas trees are fighting for space with a butcher knife, tin foil & a KitchenAid mixer (for the record, they're just about as annoyed as me...afterall, this is their season & their time frame for being displayed is limited to about 3 weeks each year). Also, if the husband asks me "where's this?" or "where's that?" again...I'm gonna lose it.

photo courtesy of Decorpad

2. When I'm not busy being annoyed, I'm super excited. Like, as excited as a kid on Christmas! More specifically, the Christmas when I arrived downstairs to find a full track & town set up under the tree for my collection of matchbox cars. Yep, I was that kid. I was the weird girl with an obsession for cars. To this day I could shout out the make & model of any given car driving down the street. Just add that to the list of things you never knew about me!

photo courtesy of Decorpad
 3. I have my work cut out for me tonight. Last week--when we thought the countertops were due to arrive--I diligently began cleaning out all the base cabinetry (as instructed). I got about halfway done before the husband & I opened a bottle of wine, and the next thing I knew we were watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...and nothing was getting accomplished. I'm hoping to get a bit further tonight.

photo courtesy of  Decorpad
 4. I fully intend to beg, act dumb, or promise to be their BFF forever (hey, whatever it takes!) to convince the installers to hook up our plumbing & give us a working sink. Our contractor said he'd take care of this little detail when he arrives on Monday. But I really can't live without a working sink much longer (please reference point #1 if you're unsure of just how annoyed this 3-week stand still is making me).

On that note, I'll be busy painting my life away this weekend. As well as conjuring up some decorating ideas...the most fun part of this kitchen remodel! Once the countertops are installed my mind will be swirling with paint colors, window treatments & accessories. And I. can't. wait.

I'll be sure to update the blog with more photos next week! Including photos of our tree, which I almost forgot about. It's a Christmas miracle the thing isn't sharing square footage with the stove at this point...

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