Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gallery walls

Around this time each year, I get a twinge of excitement at the thought that all this holiday nonsense is about to be packed away for the year. Don't get me wrong, I love the festive feel of a decorated house each December. But to think that a more fresh, simple space is in store for our home is a totally wonderful thought.

Nate Berkus was recently on the Today Show to talk about just that. When the holidays are officially over & the decorations are packed away, our homes become pretty bare. Nate featured 5 decorating tips for the new year that are super easy to implement in any home--one of which is a gallery wall. Most of us fall victim to the digital age, indefinitely keeping photos on our cameras & computers. And I'll admit...I fall into that category. In fact, just months ago I finally got around to developing photos from Christmas 2009. Yep, I get that lazy sometimes. Don't judge.

all photos courtesy of Decor Pad
For someone who doesn't get around to developing photos on a regular basis, I do love displaying them once I actually take the time to do it. I added a gallery wall in our hallway over a year ago, and I've found it's the most easy way to display photos & personalized mementos. In fact, the husband and I dubbed it the "wall of meaning". We have photos from our travels, wedding, places we've lived (and currently live!)...and a giant "K" thrown in there for good measure (the husband's favorite element).

So get out there and develop! Maybe the new year is that kick in the butt that you (and me) need to take some of our most important photos & memories and put them on display. Just add that to your growing list of 2011 resolutions...I guarantee this one will deliver the most satisfying results!

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  1. Guilty! I have three new frames that I'm dying to hang on our gallery wall but haven't printed the pictures. I'm all excited about January because I'm going to organize the heck out of this place including my photo storage!


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