Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm so excited & I just can't hide it...

...I'm about to lose control & I think I like it (oh yeah!).

Why yes, this post is worthy of a Pointer Sister's song. The fact that we have a kitchen sink & dishwasher makes me really want to really lose control! For real. Like, come home, run the sink for no reason & perhaps a dishwasher cycle just because (not that I'm saying we really did this...or maybe we did?).

At any rate, I suppose I should cut to the chase & show a picture or two. Several people have requested to see the recent progress. And I fear that by not giving my loyal friends & family what they want, I'm going to lose major readership. Doubtful, but a possibility.

So the countertops & sink arrived on Friday. Lake effect snow be damned! The installers spent a solid 5.5 hours working away in our tiny kitchen, while drill sergant Katie checked in on their progress every hour or so. There were several mistakes--all of which were corrected with a lot of bossing, finger pointing & a little bit of yelling. Who knew I'd have to be such a hard ass?! 

Oh, and for anyone who's curious--the counters are corian and the color is Maui. You probably can't tell from my craptastic photos, but they're a shade of brown with flecks of gray, tan, taupes & white. I'm sure you can all rest easy now that you know this information...

I'll be sure to follow up with more (brighter/better) photos & progress later this week! I'm on a strict painting schedule--I'm hoping to have the entire pantry painted its new shade of white by this weekend. It's already looking good! We're hoping to start the backsplash (white subway tiles) before the holidays. But seeing as how Christmas is next weekend & I've done little to no shopping...I should probably stick to certain priorities at this point. Which would be the backsplash (just kidding, of course!).

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  


  1. Eeeeee!!! Katie, it's beautiful!!! Love the countertops and how you can just push everything into the sink! And having a dish washer is like Christmas morning when you're little kid! You run that dishwasher all you want! This was so worth the wait! Congrats!

  2. Katie, your Maui Corian® countertops look wonderful! I can’t wait to see how the rest of your renovation turns out. Feel free to share photos on our Facebook page - Congrats!
    Christine from DuPont


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