Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Christmas tree

With Christmas right around the corner (quite literally!), I realized I hadn't posted pics of this year's tree.

For starters, let's have a look at last year's tree, shall we?

It's important to note a couple of things here:

1. Your eyes to not deceive you, I'm not 7 ft. tall.
2. This miniature--not to mention expensive--tree is a drastic difference from this year's version.
3. This photo is very reminicent of my old dance school photo days. Minus the neon, sequins & shiny tights of course. Check out that pose! And a 5, 6, 7, 8....

Last year's tree found us at the usual spot--picking out a just cut tree & within 10 minutes it was tied onto our car and away we went (okay, so clearly we weren't going for the experience here...I'm vowing this changes once we have children). At any rate, we decided that a nice little tip was in order for the kind worker who very strategically tied the tree on top of our car. After an awkward exchange & shuffle of money with the husband, we tipped the lovely man and went on our merry little way. Less than 5 minutes later we realized we had tipped him FIFTEEN DOLLARS in exhange for our $55 (5 ft.) tree. Well, happy holidays to him! It should be noted that over the course of the following hour, we would also purchase our wedding bands--after vowing (no pun intended) that we would only be "looking" that day. Damn, those ring sales people are good! Either that or we're total suckers. Talk about an expensive day!

So that's the story of last year's tree! 2010 was decidedly less exciting. The tree was larger, cheaper, there were no tipping mistakes to be had & the wedding bands are officially paid for at this point. This 8 FOOT beauty entered our home a couple of weeks ago:

Even Tiggy is super excited about the tree (or maybe she's just waiting for Santa to bring her some mice...or a 2011 weight loss plan):

And yes, I'm a total traditionalist--white lights & old fashioned ornaments that have a story. It's what I grew up with & what I love. That's not to say that somewhere down the road I'd be opposed to a tree with matching ornaments, ribbons & the such. But for now, this look is totally us.

Here's wishing you & your's a happy that includes a great looking tree, of course!

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  1. Tree looks great. Only thing its missing is an old fashion dance pose. Love the old ornaments too. I still have my angel for the top from when I made it in kindergarten. Merry merry tiggy, hope the mice are fake. That's all your mom needs.


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